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Goals and Objectives

1. To Start Education Institute like Pre-Primary & Primary School, Middle School & High School, Technical Secondary School, Drawing School, Teacher's School & College, Industrial Training Institute, Music School, Sewing & Barber Training Institute, Tribal School.

2. To Provide The Facilities for Higher Education, Physical Teacher's College, Polytechnic & Engineering College & also Law College.

3. Establish & Run Guidance Centre for Educated Unemployed Youth for Facilatating the Process of Seeking, Pilling in and Submitting the Application Forms for the Various Jobs Available.

4. To Run Small Scale industrial Training Institute & Self-employed Guidance are.

5. To Start Hostels for Students Studying at Various Levels to Run Old-age Homes, as well as for Handicapped Blined & Differently abled School Children.

6. To Organise Shows & Cultural Programs for Entertainment.

7. To Monitor & Undertake the Schemes & projects of Maha Government & Indian Govt. like Labaur welfare Centre anti-wine Centre, Schemes for Rural, Social, Poor & Neharu Younger Centre for Constructive & Social Development & Social Services.

8. To Educate the Student W.R.T the Common Knowledge about English, Hindi, Marathi, Math, Science, Geography, Sport like at all Levels to Create an Interest And run it for the Purpose Competitive Examinations, Essay Competition, Oratorship, Story Telling, Coloring, Camps for Example Study Centres for Union Public Service Commision, Railway commision, Defence Recruitments, Selection Commisior, Army Administrative Service etc.

9. To Establish & Operate Sport Centre, Gyms for Cricket, Volley Ball, Football, badmintan, Judo Karate, Kabbadi, Carom, Training & Competition.

10. To Organize Seminars, Discussions & to Celebrate Anniversary of the great Leaders & Saints.

11. To Develop Computer Awareness Among people by starting Computer Education by Discussion.

    For the Institute Governing Body is Established as Managent of VISHWABHARATI SOCIETY FOR EDUCATION & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AMRAVATI.
The First Governing Body W.R.T. Age, Designation, Address, Bussiness & Nationality Etc.


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