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About Vishwabharati

    Vishwabharati School is a project conceived and executed by a duly registered trust called Vishwabharati Society for Education and Rural Development, Amravati. At VPS we end at breaking away from the traditional approach towards education. Instead of making the students “efficient memory machines” We would like to them to be independent, individual who are self disciplined, motivated, sensitive, caring fun loving. We believe ultimate end of the human is to enhance the quality of life through intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, aesthetic and physical development of an individual. In keeping with this vision statement, we shall strive towards providing and enriching atmosphere for all round development of our children.
    Vishwabharati Public School provides a total balanced environment focused on shaping children into leaders of tomorrow. We offer comprehensive education through a developmental approach. Our school environment promotes order, independence, a love for learning, a connection to the world and a sense of social responsibility.
    We lay the foundation for leaders who are "prepared for all challenges". This is accomplished through a unique and well-defined curriculum, and a dedicated focus on "education beyond the classroom."

About School

    A school Almanac is a communicative bridge between the School and Home; teachers and parents. It provides information about academic, administrative and other general aspects of school-functioning, especially of that concerning the parents. So in short this School – Almanac serves a dual purpose – it is a guide, reference book and information brochure about the school as well as a tool of communication between the parents and the school. We hope that this almanac will serve its purpose when parents refer to it regularly. We also hope that with the help of conscientious parents it will make us build a transparent bond between the school and the home.


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